Titan BOP Rubber Products Inc.

About Us

Titan BOP Inc. is located in Houston, TX. Titan BOP Inc. is a supplier of elastomer and replacement products for blow out preventers.

With a team comprised of over 20 years of experience working with blow out preventers, we offer not only a substantial catalog of products but also the knowledge and skill to find solutions to fit your BOP needs.


  • On time deliveries
  • Quality Products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Large inventory
  • Friendly sales team

Contact Us


9447 Bamboo Road
Houston, TX 77041

Tel: (713) 895 9230 / (281) 817 5600
Cell: (832) 655 3718
Fax: (713) 895 9250
E-mail: sales@titanbopinc.com
Website: www.titanbopinc.com


Pulsation Dampener Bladders
Type U Packers & Top Seals
Stripper Rubbers All Types
WSI Ram Packers
Flat & Split Dual Pipe Wipers
Oil Saver Rubbers
Shaffer Type Spherical Packing Element
Hydril Type MSP Packing Element



Titan BOP Rubber Products Inc. is not affiliated with or a representative of any of the O.E.M.s mentioned. The replacement parts described are manufactured by or for Titan BOP Rubber Products Inc. and are not authorized by any O.E.M.